Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wishful thinking...

As far as the weather goes I think I am either a wishful thinker or maybe just a winter denier!

Saturday I was looking forward to a lunch date with a group of girlfriends. I was doing my best to embrace the advice of MaryDeluxe and her correspondent Desi De Lu Lu about practicing being a bus stop goddess; in particular making a bit more of an effort and to look good just for me.

I was looking forward to donning an outfit rather than just chucking on some jeans- a grey wool early 50s skirt, a red check Pendleton jacket and my trusty 40s Re-mix platforms...and then I looked outside. Cold and heavy rain, max 13C... Blah!

Hmmm so after Friday's efforts of being a winter denier and wearing summer sandals and getting completely soaked and waterlogged (well yes it did say approaching rain but it also said 17C- So I went with the 17C outfit choice and pushed the possibility of rain to the back far reaches of my mind).

As most Melbournians will attest we have been in drought for the last few years and so we have forgotten what a good downpour looks like. I know our winters pale in comparison to our northern friends, but I am just not a winter girl- give me summer, a frock and sandals any day! I honestly don't know how those in colder climates cope! Clearly my wardrobe (particularly my footwear options) are not set up for looking glam in a downpour.

So my bus stop goddess outfit got left looking dejected on the ironing board as I scrambled for the much less glamorous option of jeans and loafers.

Good company makes up for any weather indiscretion and if you're looking for good grub in Melbourne and I cannot recommend highly enough the cafe El mirage owned by mates of ours, Sarah and Martin.

Lunch consisted of pumpkin, spinach and pinenut risotto and was finished off with a gluten-free orange and poppy seed muffin (with yummy cream cheese icing) and copius pots of tea.

El mirage 349 Lygon St Brunswick East (sorry I forgot to take a pic).

I bid my pals a fond farewell and with my trusty travelling companion and oft partner in crime (Dawn) we popped next door to a very cute store called Five Boroughs.

This store is filled with loads of cool local handmade stuff, all very purchase and drool worthy. My fave pics- get your coffee beans in cool 60s repro cannisters or maybe a handmade leather purse with an owl appliqued on it?

Go check out the Five Boroughs Blog!

So I did manage to get a quick leaving pic. I guess I am not Robinson Crusoe here, but I have decided that I feel absolutely awkward when it comes to having my photo taken!

So outfit for today...
Red 1949er Pendelton jacket purchased at Retrostar Vintage
Kitty Carson side zip jeans gift from my ex and purchased in San Fran
Loake Doc martin loafer (not shown)
Brown belt thrifted
Bakelite bangles- bluemoon, red marble and tritone laminate in bluemoon, red and butterscotch- various ebay purchases
Bakelite mexican man brooch (hiding under my layers) Hyde and Seek Antiques
Green overdyed and carved applejuice bakelite ring- thrifted

Close ups of ring, bangles and brooch...

So what do others do to not feel like a complete dork when having their photo taken? Any and all advice welcome!

Ok, off to do some sewing...


kVk and The Shop Time Forgot said...

At least you have someone to take photos for you! But yes, I too have not long started a blog and am not yet comfortable with the self-photo thing. I'm going to get a tripod very soon. Have a look at my blog and you'll see why!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I hate having my photo taken, have for years, I am certainly not a natural model! Having said that for years it has been because I don't like what I see as I have gained so much weight. You however look great you should be fine with having your photo taken!

phenolicfanatic said...
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phenolicfanatic said...

Thanks Kitty and STM let's see how I go with leaving my self conscious photo phobia behind! The self photo thing I am hopeless at- a tripod sounds like a good investment. Kitty I am off to check your blog no ;)

phenolicfanatic said...

whoops meant to say I am heading off to check your blog now- bad bad speller/ typer (made difficult by cat trying to perch on my knee!)

Zootsuitmama said...

You look great! I NEVER show myself, of course I'm 56. I wish I could get past it! Every line and wrinkle was well earned! Love the Pendelton, they are one of my favs!