Sunday, March 07, 2010

Closing one door and opening another..

Well, when I set out to start this blog back in 2007 I was looking forward to writing about all my plans and hopes in setting up and renovating my first home.

Built in the early 1950s it was a simple place, the style I think is called post war austerity, but it had lots of potential with original bathroom and kitchen and all its original fittings. While it had suffered from some disgusting paint choices (who would paint a room fluoro liquorice allsorts- pink, lime green, black and white and also wallpaper a wall in Chinese joss paper?) it had great bones for a wonderful home. We settled in and started working on establishing a palm springs-esque cacti garden- the inside would have to wait- we figured the garden would only get better with time and the inside we would get to next.

So I started home making and blogging.

But as all great adventures go- things went a bit pair shaped. My then partner and I broke up and my renovation plans had to take a massive u- turn and became plans to get the house fit to sell.

So life has kind of been on hold since. We remodelled the garden (I couldn’t bare to leave my cacti collection) and we worked on painting the house. It took a while and was not the project we had planned for ourselves- we did a very neutral palette and stripped back much or our belongings to present the house for regular folk's tastes. But we got there- sold up, moved out and started with getting on with our new separate lives.

So my blog has kind of just been sitting here on idle- a bit like me! But things are starting to move- literally. I have just signed off on a new place and am ready to get on with the next adventure.

So in honour of what I started but never really got to share here is the home I have said goodbye to. In the words shared by blogger Marydeluxe I am having one last look at the door that closed and am looking forward to focussing on the doors that are open- and I’m ready to walk on in!

(Above) The entrance hall leading through to the lounge.

(Above) The lounge room looking onto the sunroom.

(Above) The dining room looking back to the lounge room.

(Above) The master bedroom.